Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What happened in Oct, Nov, Dec?

I kept thinking of things to blog about, but then decided who really cares? So the months have slipped by. Now I am trying to remember what has gone on in my life. So here I am back will make a quick over view of the last 3 months. Of course I have to have the calendar to refer back to so I can throw it away in a day. I can honestly say the older you get the faster the days, weeks, months and years go.

SEPTEMBER: we started out with our annual AIA golf Tournment at Rigby then to Utah for Sam's baptism. Bowling started on the 10th, which I thought was too early. I wish it was like skiing 10 weeks. A trip to Buhl to golf with the Latin's. Then on to Sun Valley for 4 days. Took the RZR over Trail Creek Pass which I freaked out and made Scott drive over 100 miles up to Challis over to Stanley and back to SV. We did have a nice ride around the Mackey mines. The next day we went up to Boulder City. It was only a 6 mile ride but most of it was up the creek bed, beautiful country and lots of mining artifacts. Home for a few days and then drove the green pickup over to Oregon as Joe and Jeralee bought it. Yes Scott got a newer one, 4 wheel drive and loaded with options. I flew back to Idaho Falls. We also got called to work in the temple as temple workers and started the first week in October.

OCTOBER: Bowling every Thursday morning then to the Temple by 4 pm. Took the new Scouts on a hike along the river. Went with 3 other couples to St. George to go RZR riding. Had some awesome rides, Huricane Sand Dunes, Mesquite, and then to Elephant Rock by the Coral Pink Sand Dunes. Had a good time. On the 23rd went to Eagle Mountain, Utah for Halloween and Jason's birthday. Had a good time with all the kids, got chicken noodle spilled in the back of the Tahoe going around the corner. Can laugh about that for years to come. Went to BYUI Halloween concert to see Cheryl play and then Halloween night we went with 4 other couples out to the desert RZR riding, bon fire, tin foil dinners and tell ghost stories. Lots of fun. I had a spark fly up and hit me in the forhead. Have a little scar now.

NOVEMBER: Just bowling and Temple on Thursday. Of course I work at the office usally about 10 hours a week. Thanksgiving found us in Syracuse with Avry, Geoff & Jason. Tiffany was up to Idaho. We did the black friday and got a good start on Christmas. Avry had us all help wrap her gifts. I took Sam & Sav to see "New Moon". We played lots of games, ate lots of food waiting for Clints family to fly in on Sunday night. We all met him at the airport. We helped Clint get settled and then headed home Monday afternoon.

Maeli in the midst of our Black Friday purchases

DECEMBER: We were saddened when our niece Brook's little baby boy died shortly after birth on the 4th. Spents days decorating for Christmas and fighting with lights to work. Headed to SV on the 13th after Church. Skied on Monday and Tuesday on mostly man made snow. Came home on Wednesday, Friday we had office party at Stockman's then back to our house for dessert and storage gift exchange. Sam and Savanna came on the 20th, Tiffany and family the 21, Avry, Justin, Clint on the 23, Lia, mom and girls, Jason & Mark on the 24th. Maeli and Kaden the 25th. Then sprinkle Geoff and Cheryl popping in through out the week. Plus almost all of us got the flu at one time or another. Not very much snow, Scott did hook up sleds to the RZR and pull the kids around the yard. They started leaving on Christmas and by Saturday afternoon our house was quiet once again.

My good husband cleaning light fixtures.

I got three grandchildren's Christmas lap quilts done but didn't get Justin's levi quilt done. Will finish that up in a few weeks.