Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Google It!

I couldn't believe how many drafts I had clear back from 2008. I decided most of them was old news and started deleting them. This one I started in March. With most of them I was going to add pictures. I admire my girls and how well they keep up with their blogs Tiffany and Jeralee both have two now. I am so glad they do as its my main connection to what is going on in their lives.

I just love google. I have used it for everything! From a word I didn't know the meaning, to refreshing my memory on a how to do, to finding an item to buy. to learning something new. You name it I have probably googled it. I probably use it on a daily basis.

A few weeks ago we were headed home on a Saturday from working in the temple, when Geoff called. He wondered if I knew how to make California Rolls as Cheryl and he liked them and figured it would be alot cheaper to make them. So I said come on down and we will figure it out. He read me the receipe and we decided who would buy what. So we stopped at Broulims on our way home. I already had an avocado and cucumber. Found crab meat, seaweed paper, but couldn't find sushi rice. Picked up wasabi sauce, pickled ginger and found a roll mat and spoon which said for making California Rolls.

At home I started cooking rice then went to google to see how to make them. Nice video and then googled Shushi rice. Found out shushi rice is how you fix rice not a special kind of rice. OOPS! Well I will use the rice anyway. It was ok but very sticky. (Shushi rice you rinse the rice till it is clear then cook it, then you mix it with salt sugar and vineger. It sure made it taste better, mixing the sauce with the rice.

We will have to try it again.