Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What happened in Oct, Nov, Dec?

I kept thinking of things to blog about, but then decided who really cares? So the months have slipped by. Now I am trying to remember what has gone on in my life. So here I am back will make a quick over view of the last 3 months. Of course I have to have the calendar to refer back to so I can throw it away in a day. I can honestly say the older you get the faster the days, weeks, months and years go.

SEPTEMBER: we started out with our annual AIA golf Tournment at Rigby then to Utah for Sam's baptism. Bowling started on the 10th, which I thought was too early. I wish it was like skiing 10 weeks. A trip to Buhl to golf with the Latin's. Then on to Sun Valley for 4 days. Took the RZR over Trail Creek Pass which I freaked out and made Scott drive over 100 miles up to Challis over to Stanley and back to SV. We did have a nice ride around the Mackey mines. The next day we went up to Boulder City. It was only a 6 mile ride but most of it was up the creek bed, beautiful country and lots of mining artifacts. Home for a few days and then drove the green pickup over to Oregon as Joe and Jeralee bought it. Yes Scott got a newer one, 4 wheel drive and loaded with options. I flew back to Idaho Falls. We also got called to work in the temple as temple workers and started the first week in October.

OCTOBER: Bowling every Thursday morning then to the Temple by 4 pm. Took the new Scouts on a hike along the river. Went with 3 other couples to St. George to go RZR riding. Had some awesome rides, Huricane Sand Dunes, Mesquite, and then to Elephant Rock by the Coral Pink Sand Dunes. Had a good time. On the 23rd went to Eagle Mountain, Utah for Halloween and Jason's birthday. Had a good time with all the kids, got chicken noodle spilled in the back of the Tahoe going around the corner. Can laugh about that for years to come. Went to BYUI Halloween concert to see Cheryl play and then Halloween night we went with 4 other couples out to the desert RZR riding, bon fire, tin foil dinners and tell ghost stories. Lots of fun. I had a spark fly up and hit me in the forhead. Have a little scar now.

NOVEMBER: Just bowling and Temple on Thursday. Of course I work at the office usally about 10 hours a week. Thanksgiving found us in Syracuse with Avry, Geoff & Jason. Tiffany was up to Idaho. We did the black friday and got a good start on Christmas. Avry had us all help wrap her gifts. I took Sam & Sav to see "New Moon". We played lots of games, ate lots of food waiting for Clints family to fly in on Sunday night. We all met him at the airport. We helped Clint get settled and then headed home Monday afternoon.

Maeli in the midst of our Black Friday purchases

DECEMBER: We were saddened when our niece Brook's little baby boy died shortly after birth on the 4th. Spents days decorating for Christmas and fighting with lights to work. Headed to SV on the 13th after Church. Skied on Monday and Tuesday on mostly man made snow. Came home on Wednesday, Friday we had office party at Stockman's then back to our house for dessert and storage gift exchange. Sam and Savanna came on the 20th, Tiffany and family the 21, Avry, Justin, Clint on the 23, Lia, mom and girls, Jason & Mark on the 24th. Maeli and Kaden the 25th. Then sprinkle Geoff and Cheryl popping in through out the week. Plus almost all of us got the flu at one time or another. Not very much snow, Scott did hook up sleds to the RZR and pull the kids around the yard. They started leaving on Christmas and by Saturday afternoon our house was quiet once again.

My good husband cleaning light fixtures.

I got three grandchildren's Christmas lap quilts done but didn't get Justin's levi quilt done. Will finish that up in a few weeks.




Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Win $50 and help Tiffany

Tiffany has this awesome website for over a year doing product review. Mostly things to do with kids, but I have found there is alot of things of interest to everyone. She gives tips also and tells you what you can save on. She is trying to win a washer and dryer and need people to comment on her website and when you do you get put into possibly win a $50 gift certificate to Amazon. Go to www.babesandkidsreview and look for the help me win.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dirt and more Dirt

Oh what fun we are having with our new RZR. Your just never to old to try new things. We are just like kids come home from playing, covered in dirt. There is a group from Rigby that started ATV riding side by side last year. Almost every Saturday during the summer & fall someone picks a place to go. Phone calls our made and who ever can go shows up at a designated place and were off. I understand sometimes you never know who is going to show up. Definately a new way to meet new people and explore the back country. So far its been people we have known.

Our 2nd trip out was last Monday we went with two other couples who are seasoned ATV riders. One has a RZR like ours and the other has a Rhino. We left at 3:30 and went to a place going toward Salmon called Skull Canyon. A new place for us to explore. We hit the trail around 5:30 in the evening and since we were the NEWBIES or RZR Virgins they put us in the middle.

We started up the canyon which had rock cliffs and then up through the trees. Our first stop was looking down on an old mining area

Scott checking the gps.

We got above the tree line and the view was fabulous. Because it was open you could see the trail and I thought we are going where. It looked steep from the distance but when you started up it wasn't as steep as I thought. But there was some steep places I was white knuckling the handle bar in front of me. We went up a rocky wash and was amazed how well we did. Just following the leader. I don't think we would of tried it on our own.

We are headed where? Oh, over there.

We had just come up this hill, you can't see the trail, but there is one.

At the top. To the east we could see Mud Lake.

We drove down half way and watched the sunset. Heard an elk bugeling. We went up around a mining area and into the trees and made a camp fire, roasted hot dogs,marshmallows and visited. Headed down the rest of the way in the dark and got home around midnight.

Our third trip was on Saturday. There was 5 of us and we went up to Alpine, Wyoming to the Greys River area. Another new place we have never been. WOW! sums it up. The country was gorgeous. We drove down the main road which follows the Greys River and took side canyons to explore. Our first was called Cabin creek

Our group, 4 RZR and a Rhino. The Flinstones

Cabin Creek

We would try different trails, one we had to back up and turn around as the road was washed out and it was on a steep hillside. Another ended in this open area, decided to see if we could reach the trail below us. Went a ways and decided we had better go back up and find the trail. You are suppose to stay on the trails.

Barstow Lake

This was an interesting trail. We went through some narrow trees, water, over a narrow bridge and had to back up alot. We had to hike up the last 1/2 mile to see the lake.

Having lunch, Gay Rofle brings her little table.

Two in our group had to leave. The rest of us went for a few more hours. Went up McDougal Pass and Blind Bowl. We have a soft top and I would tell Scott to look and he couldn't see. So we took the top off and that was nice.

McDougal Falls

On our way back to the vehicles we got into some rain. Stopped in Alpine on our way home for hamburgers. It was definately a very excellent day.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our New Buggy

You take a big deep breath and before you know it all the pressures have past.

We had our fast trip to Oregon and wish we could of spent more time with Jeralee and family. Miss Idaho Falls went really well. Our trip to Detroit started out with a very bumpy airplane ride. The Green family were very gracious and the open house for Geoff and Cheryl was very nice. We did get to see a few things. We went to Henry Ford plant and saw how Truck F150 were made. The area remind me alot of Ohio. Scott wanted to have his picture taken in front of Auburn Hills Palace home of the Piston's.

I turned 60 on my way back home. That sounds really old. But I don't feel older except for the few aches and pains. I know I want to keep going like the engerize bunny. So how do I do that? How about getting a new toy!

We bought this Polaris RZR three weeks ago and haven't been able to get out and use it. One reason all of the above things that were going on and second our trailer was 4" to short for it to go in. Sold our trailer and they had to special order a new one. It was suppose to get here on Friday but won't be here till next Friday. So we put it on the snowmobile trailer and headed up to Big Springs. We drove up to Two Top. It sure looks different in the summer then winter. Then down into West for lunch and we missed seeing the President. Then back up over two top as we didn't have a map and some of the trail is different then the snowmobile trails. There was one place I didn't think we were going to make it up, but we did.

It was cold and glad I took extra clothing. One thing is you get very dirty. But we had a ball. Oh the things we do to stay young!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Time and the Livin is not easy

Summer heat has finally arrived and here it is the middle of July already. Summer always seems to fly by. This summer is no different from any other, we seem to keep it filled with so many things. So the livin isn't easy. I don't want to hurry my summer away but when you get involved in a few things its like you can't wait till its over. Mainly right now Miss IF which is on August 6. I only need to go to Oregon on the 1st of August for my granddaughter Charlise's baptism (sad that we will miss the Lewis reunion in Logan) and then hurry back. Then on August 7 we fly to Detroit for an open house for Geoff and Cheryl.

I was think how nice it would be just to have everything done and just lay around. But my kids would tell you that is not my nature. Well I found out how it was just to lay around on Saturday. I had this headache that wouldn't go away and a queasy stomach all day. (Wonder if it was what Tiffany and boys had) I think I like feeling good and being busy. I did make it to my Quilt Guild Garden party at 10 but all afternoon I laid on the bed. Got up enough to go to a reception with Scott. He was hungry so we went to Perkins where I ordered mash potatoes and chicken soup and only ate the broth. It was like that all night long. This morning I felt better made it to church and since we are out by noon we had lunch and then went up to yellowstone for a ride. It was free to get into the park. Nice ride a lot of people up there watched Old Faithful go off and then headed home.

This last Tuesday I drove down to Tiffany's to help her get ready for her Cause Party. I got there during rush hour and had stand still traffic. Yuk! Tiffany and family got home just before I got there. We had dinner and then Tiffany and I ran to Walmart to get some things. Her boys had been sick the two nights before and so I had started helping her clean her house. We had plans to do something on Wednesday but that changed as she got sick in the night and most of the morning. She felt better in the evening and we headed to Jason's for a get together with Avry' family also. He has made a nice patio and furniture. I stayed with him Wednesday night and got up and walked/jogged liberty park. Then went and picked up Savanna at Avry's work. It was her birthday and she spent the day with Tiffany and I. We did some shopping for the cause party and then went home to get ready. It turned out really good. Check Tiffany's blog at It will explain it better. Stayed till noon on Friday helping her with a few more things then headed back to IDAHO.

AHHHHHHHHHHH! There is no place like HOME!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

More upgrades at 4082 E. 200 N.

Living in the same place for over 35 years has seen alot of changes. I don't think there is one thing in this house that we haven't changed. First of all Scott has been wanting to take over my garden for years. I gave in a few years ago and let him build a shed in the back half. This summer he wanted the other half put in cement so he could park our pickup and Tahoe, so he wasn't playing musical vehicle every time he needed one or the other.

Because I like to garden, he knew he had to come up with a new garden spot. He made me a garden box for mothers day. He will make me another one next year. I am experimenting with it this year. I absolutely love it. It is easy to weed and will probably produce better. It gets more sun then where it was before. If only it won't hail anymore and strip the plants down.

Our next project was the outside of the house. We replace the last 5 original windows, sided, rock work, pulled the entry out 8 feet. Here is what it looked like before. We pulled out trees and shrubs in the process

The new look

Scott is still designing a railing between the posts and we still have to get a new door. Eventually we will probably put a paver path out to the circle drive. The big equipment tore up my yard and we had to level and repair sprinkler system and resod. Notice our bedroom window is bigger. He still has to do the inside trim work. The siding is steel. The problem with not doing everything at once is product changes. We had to paint the bay window as it was a different color and the fascia on the roof was tough to match. But it all came out pretty good.

East side of house. Notice no shrubs.

Back of house.

I guess we are going to be here for awhile longer. This last Thursday I was ready to sell it tho. Scott had gone to Bozeman to check on a project and rode his bike up there and stayed the night. I took the irrigation water at 6 pm and then headed to my Miss IF meeting at 7:00. I got home at 10 and noticed the water was clear up by the pine trees. I thought oh no the neighbors didn't take the water. So I dashed into the house got on my rubber shoes and my head lamp and went out back to check.

No he had taken the water. So I went along the property line and out by the utility pole the water was coming over alot from the neighbors ditch. I thought oh I can't have this doing this all night. (Afraid if I left it running it would get into the well and follow the line into the basement of the house, been there done that. Alot easier to fix the water leak then to clean up water in my basement.) Scott had put some sod we had taken out in the remodel in the borrow pit across the road in front of our house. So I got a shovel and a bucket and proceeded across the road to find it. As I started picking up a piece of sod a water snake slithered out from under it and I screamed. I managed to pull it together and get some sod and back to the gaps. Well its behind my rose bush that has gone wild, there are over grown trees and the barb wire fence. If it wasn't the rose bush, then it was the barb wire fence that got my leg. (Oh I had knee length shorts on.) I realized it was going to take a lot of sod to stop it. So back again across the road only to scream again because of another snake. I was cussing Scott by that time why wasn't he home to help me. The next trip I poked with the shovel and stood way back. After half an hour and 5 buckets of sod, I got it stopped up. Went in and called Scott at 11 pm to get some sympathy. He picked up his phone where I said I am ready to move.

I have done the irrigating for the past 35 years as it falls at a time when Scott is working. I use to have the neighbors on both side whose wives would NOT do it. I wound up sometime doing it for them. Scott knows I am keeper in that respect.

Next day better and yeah I will stay here a little longer.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July 2009

We had a busy and fun 4th of July. Friday we had off for the holiday. We worked around the house till 2:30 and the went golfing intending to play 18 holes. Rigby is the only course I know that allows 5 some. It was slow and then a storm came in after the 7th hole. We picked up and decided to quit. Cheryl and Geoff had come down. The evening I went to my friend Carol Stevens reception and dragged dad a long. Ran into alot of people we knew and hadn't seen in a long time. The week before her sister in law Kathy Stevens had a bridal get together at the Sandpiper. They had made these hats out of wrapping paper and had us wear them. Cute idea.

Bride front and center

We got home around 9 and Avry, Justin, Sam and Sav had arrived. Avry wanted Justin to see what real fireworks were like. She said on MSN IF's was rated #3 in the nation. Girls excited to see us and wanted to sleep in the Yoga Room (exercise room, renamed it when they were here for Geoff's wedding. We went out in the circle and watched Rigby's fireworks and then retired to the deck where we watch the kids fireworks and roasted marshmallows. Avry will have to post those pictures.

Up bright and early and headed to IF at 6:30 am to decorate our boat for Miss IF.

Decorating boat

I then walked most of the parade route and met up with Avry and family. Didn't have my camera. So Avry will post pictures of us at the parade. Probably the first time I stayed till the very end. We called Dad and he rode his motorcycle and met us at Iggy's for lunch. Kaden rode home with him.

Lunch at Iggy's

Dad took Kaden golfing and the rest of us headed up to Heise to either rock climb or sit and watch. Avry and I watched while, Geoff, Cheryl and Justin took turns. Sav and Same had a ball exploring.

Cheryl climbing! What a good wife to indulge in her husband's Passion

Justin waiting for his turn, Avry being her goofy self.

We headed down to the river to stake out a place to watch the fireworks. Geoff and Cheryl had a special invite with her aunt and uncle to have dinner at the Shilo and listen to a concert and watch the fireworks. We wound up at Civitan Park in the place we usually watch it. Headed down to Memorial and found some food to eat. Hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, italian soda's, doughnuts and funnel cake. Picked up some kettle corn and headed back to wait for fireworks. Kaden had to much junk food and got sick. Of course Avry and I didn't bring our purses and had to bag for Tylenol and plastic bag from people around us. He did recover to watch the fireworks. Traffic slow and didn't get home till almost midnight.

Waiting patiently for the fireworks to start.

One sick boy

The wait was well rewarded and yes Justin did agree they were the best he has ever seen.

Sunday afternoon we cooked hamburgers and then sent everyone on their way home. It was a nice fun weekend and the only thing that would of made it better was having all the kids here. Maybe next year.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Daughter in Law

On June 19 our youngest son Geoff married Cheryl Green from Shelby, Michigan (near Detroit) in the Rexburg LDS Temple. The sun was shinning in the morning and glad we had the reception scheduled inside the church instead of in the yard as it was cloudy and cooler in the evening.

I didn't take very many pictures and didn't get pictures of the grand kids all together. Hoping maybe Scott, or one of my kids got pictures. I got a few in the parking lot and video taped some at the temple. Cheryl is a gem and is majoring in music education and plays the flute. She was in our BYUI 7th ward for 4 semesters. So we feel fortunate to have taken one of the college kids home to be in our family.

I had the reception catered and my girls said that is the best thing I could of done. We served over 250 people. We had a steady line all night long and didn't get to sit down till the very end. I did the luncheon at the church also and did that myself since I was splurging on the reception. They are so cute together. They honeymooned at Big Sky, Montana where they got in some rock climbing. They found a small government subsidize apartment in Rexburg. We have an open house in Michigan the 8th of August.

We had all of our kids here for the wedding except Clint and family as they are still in Germany. We really missed them. Tiffany got here on a Monday, Jeralee Tuesday, Avry Wednesday and Jason Thursday. They all left on Sunday except Jeralee who left on her birthday on the next Tuesday. It was nice to have them all here. We did a shower on Wednesday at 1 for Cheryl then she went through the temple that evening at 6.

Saturday everyone went swimming and then pizza afterwards.

It is now very quiet around here and Scott and I realize its just the two of us. Starting the next phaze of our life. EMPTY NESTERS

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Well its been a while. I can give lots of reasons but I won't. Today in RS Brenda Yost gave a lesson on faith from several of Oct.08 conference addresses. It really got me thinking about several things. Of course she had some funny things.

One of the things she said is writing down our spiritual experiences so we can go back and draw upon during rough times. I made the comment how important it was as my daughter Avry wanted so bad to read Grandma Nielson's journals. Nick sent her some copies of them and she said she was disappointed as it was just day to day activities. You know, wash dishes, cleaned house, went to store, so and so stopped by. She wanted to know really how she felt about things. I guess my kids will find in my few journals the same thing. I have been one who doesn't want people to read after I am gone about all the bad and how my life REALLY was. But you know it most likely gives a false sense that life was peachy and I had no trials.

I need to take a few pages from my daughter Jeralee who writes it as it is. Her ups and downs her frustrations, hates, passions, loves you name it. She seems to turn around and find the humor or write it in a humorous way that we all crave for more. Or my son Geoff who writes such deep insights you have to read it over and over and try to figure out what he is getting at and then all of sudden it comes to you and you say WOW.

Ok back to the topic of Faith. She was funny as she said she was in New York in the fall last year and it was so beautiful. Of course which I totally agree and then she says think about coming into the SL Valley and the view sage brush and desert. She said I don't know if I would of had that kind of faith. But she quoted that the fire of their faith burned in their soul. Do we have that kind of faith. Faith is a choice when we have faith it leads to prayer which leads to revelation which leads to faith and the cycle continues as our faith grows.

Interesting faith and fear cannot co exist. Faith overcomes fear, then faith goes into hope which overcomes despair which equals action. So when you think about it we have faith in alot of things on a daily basis. When we can't find something we have faith we can find it then we have hope and then we start looking and thinking and soon we find it.

Hmmmmmmmmmm so where I am going with this. Just to let everyone know I have a strong faith in the church and family. My children amaze me and I have the strong faith that they will succeed in anything that they put their minds to. They all have proved it to me so many times.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So what do you do when you are home all day?

Last Saturday March 7, 2009 I stayed home all day. I did not get in my car and go anywhere. I ventured out side once to put the stickers on the Tahoe. To be honest I don't remember how long it has been since I stayed home all day.

So what did I do all day? I cleaned places that hadn't been cleaned for a while. I worked on Jason's quilt. Laundry, dishes, vaccum,ironing, read you name it I probably did it. If anyone really knows me, they know that I get side track really easy.

I will start cleaning the kitchen then go put something away in the office only to stop at the computer to check blogs, email, etc. Then notice some papers needing to be filed in the cabinet downstairs. Once those are put away. I remember the clothes need to be taken out of the dryer. I put them in a basket then start another load of clothes. I then fold towels and put them away only to see how bad the toilet and floor is in the one bathroom. I go into the kitchen to get some cleaning things when I realized I have not finished loading the dishwasher. I finish that and start wiping up the counters when I notice all the dirty dish towels and rags and then head downstairs where I notice stuff on the TV that needs to be put away.

Anyway you are getting the idea. By the end of the day I look around and realize I did accomplish alot and wish for 4 more days like that. It is just nice to have one of those productive days.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Red Shirt Friday

Have you ever read something and then you try to figure out where you had read it and can't find it? This last week I read something very profound on Red Shirt Friday. I thought it was an email that someone had sent me. But I couldn't find it. I finally decided it was in some magazine I read while I was at Red Mountain Spa. I can't even remember exactly what it said but I remember how I felt.

Clint and Lia sent Scott and I red shirts with I support our troops on it for Christmas. I didn't think much of it and thought maybe it was some promotion think they had going. It has layed nicely folded in my closet the last two months until this last Friday when I wore it for the first time proudly. I attempted to take a self portrait after 24 tries, this is the best I could do.

I copied this off the internet of the explanation for Red Shirt Friday.

Red Shirt Friday is a symbol of unity of support for our solders who have given their lives and their freedoms so we might enjoy ours.

Red Shirt Friday is not just to give thanks to the thousands that have died for us. It is also for the millions that have served our country, our serving our country now, and to the millions that have supported our brave military.

It is for the loved ones that have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice for our benefit. Mothers, wives, brothers, sisters, children, and relatives.

It is for the friends neighbors, communities, organizations, states and our nation that suffer from our loss.

It is for all of the ones that are serving now and have served.

It is for our P.O.W.s and M.I.A.s.

Here is my son Clint and beautiful wife and daughters Nadia and Bianca last year when Clint had a two week leave from Iraq.

I am proud of my son for all that he does in protecting our country. He returned from a 15 month deployment in Iraq last November. I can't even imagine everything he has been through serving in Iraq. I know he had a friend killed, he has been shot at and had to shoot at others. Right now he is working hard on being promoted to an NCO. He has passed his board of review and working on getting enough points through correspondence classes to receive this promotion.

He has struggled with a lot of things in his life. His mother being one of them. When I had my accident as soon as he found out he called me from Germany to see how I was doing and express his love for me. I have watched him in the last several years over come a lot of things and have seen the growth in him getting out of his comfort zone and trying to do what is right.

So to Clint I love you and Thank you for the sacrifice of defending our country and being who you are.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tag I am It!

Avry tagged me
What people I would of tagged have been tagged. So I thought I would just answer the questions.

8 Favorite TV Shows

1. Today Show
2. The Biggest Loser
3. Weather Channel
4. Golf Channel
5. Extreme Make Over
6. The Bachelor
7. Dancing with the Stars
8. CNN

8 Things I did Yesterday

1. Skied
2. Went to Bed at 9:30 pm
3. Drove to Big Sky
4. Had dinner in West Yellowstone
5. Got lots of sun on my face
6. Ate way to much
7. Spent the day with my future daughter in law
8. Up at 5:30 am

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To

1. My sons wedding in June
2. Spa Retreat in St. George
3. A week in Palm Springs
4. Spending time with my children
5. Lots more of skiing
6. Golfing this summer
7. Hiking
8. Summer (working out in the yard)

8 Favorite Restaurants

1. Jakers
2. Olive Garden
3. Johnny Carino
4. Sizzler
5. California Pizza Kitchen
6. Red Lobster
7. Sandpiper
8. PF Changs

8 Things on My Wish List

1. More understanding of the gospel
2. Travel anywhere especially England
3. Less wrinkles
4. To be 30 lbs lighter
5. A New House
6. A better economy.
7. Mission
8. Someone to clean my house

Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh What Do You Do In The Winter Time?

When all the world is white!
Buy a new car

Of course we had to stay with another SUV. We like the way they ride on trips and our last one really protected me. It a 2007 silver Chevy Tahoe. I haven't even driven it yet.

Remodel the Family Room

Well, Scott did all the remodeling. I did very little. He even arranged the furniture different. Notice our new basement windows. It really makes it warmer. Now to do the other half of the room.

Enjoy a winter sunset

This is Scott on the top of Kelly right at sunset. It was so pretty.


This is at Kelly Canyon. We have gone night skiing the last three Saturdays and of course I ski every Thursday at Targhee with about 30 ladies I ride up on a bus. This last Wednesday they were closed because of water problem. I was already at Claudia's "Blue Heron Inn" when I got the call. There are four of us that ride up to Rexburg to catch the bus. Claudia, Jamie, Carol and myself. We were deciding what to do since we had a free day. Claudia had two guests and invited us over to the Inn where her husband and her made us a gourmet breakfast. We then went and got our cross country skis. Claudia couldn't find her boots. So Jamie, Carol and I went up to Teton Lakes in Rexburg. They groom a trail around the golf course. It was fun. I had gone Cross Country Skiing with Jamie and her hubby and friend up the dry bed last Friday. I had bought some new CC skis and they are nice. I have been around my yard a few times also. After skiing we went back to Claudia's where we had a salad for lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon hand quilting on a Quilt Guild Quilt. Then Quilt Guild that night.


This is Jamie in the loft of the Blue Heron Inn. I have really enjoyed just going over there and enjoying the serenity, the view, friends and quilting.


This is a quilt top I just finished called "Cherry Pie" it will have pink minky on the back. I have Jason's quilt done and at the quilters. I have decided to keep my quilt frame and learn how to use it. I am working on another top called "Road Block".


Tiffany February 6, Rowan January 17, Lia February 6, Marshall January 7. Went to Red Lobster

Avry January 24

Double dating with your son and his girlfriend

We have been to the movie and dinner, Saturday night skiing, pizza at Heise and Sunday dinner at our house. We have enjoyed having Geoff close and know some day this to will end. Its been fun to get to know Cheryl and how much teasing she takes from Geoff. They really are cute together. Ahhhhhhh young love.

Of Course hanging out with my hubby

I don't have pictures of Thursday morning bowling, BYUI FHE and activites, snow mobiling, Cheryl's concert. She is an amazing flutest. So as you can see winter can be as busy as summer. Every monday I hurry home from the office and within in two hours I have ground wheat and made 6 loaves of wheat bread and made brownies for the FHE group that comes that evening. Can't decide if I will miss that when dad is released.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blessings and Protection from Above

In the midst of our life we have incredible experiences that lets us know our Heavenly Father loves us and is constantly watching over us.

I was headed down on Thursday to go skiing with Jason on Friday and then Saturday was Avry's birthday and Tiffany's birthday is on the 6th of February. I was taking the girls shopping and lunch. I was then going to stay with Tiffany and go to church and watch her boys for an hour on Monday while she went for a job interview. Then head back to Idaho so I could get back to have a FHE group come to our home from the college

Thursday morning I bowled. Jenny Huskinson who was on our team a year and half ago got back from her mission from Uganda. It was so nice to see her and hear of some of her experiences. We are glad she could be back on our team, even tho we will miss Bonnie Peterson I had to do payroll at the office so hurried down to IF right after bowling as I wanted to leave at 3 so I wasn't driving very much in the dark. I started on my SUDA report and it ended up taking me longer to do it and didn't get away till 4:30. I was going to try and get to Ogden and stop at Joann’s before they closed and find some floss for a friend.

I had my Yukon loaded with the rest of Tiffany and Marshall's stuff that was stored at our house. It was mostly, things from their childhood, school, college, and mission. Six 18 gallon plastic totes, a couple of boxes, misc things. The roads were clear and I was making pretty good time. The forecast had said 30% rain and 50% in the evening. It started raining around Marsh Valley and the temperature was about 35. It was raining on the Malad pass but I slowed down some. I stopped in Malad and filled my car with gas, the ground was wet but not icy. I was hungry so I went in to get a hamburger. There was one girl that they were filling her order and 3 other people doing I don't know what. After waiting for 5 minutes I decided I couldn't wait any longer and needed to get going to make Joann's Fabric before they close.
As I entered the freeway I checked the time 6:33 and temperature 34. I called Scott and was talking on my bluetooth to see how he golfed as he was in LV. It was really raining and I was watching the temperature and thought if it drops to freezing the roads could be bad. I had passed the exit to Plymouth and had slowed down to 65 and noticed the temperature at 32. I had just passed the Plymouth exit and made note that there were a few cars way a head of me and I could see cars a ways behind. It was about then that I told Scott I am slipping I don’t know what exactly happened next if I tried to turn the wheel or touched the brake or what but I started spinning. I thought just let it go and it will stop and what ever direction I am going I will get it turned around. The next thing I knew my headlights shined on the snow on the side of the road which was about a foot deep. My car started up the side of the snow and started rolling. I know I rolled at least twice. When I stopped I was upright and facing east aways from the road. I didn't know it was east at the time. I was disorientated and thought I had rolled across the middle and the north bound lane. The policeman had to keep telling me I was on the south bound side. My car still running the wipers still going, light on. I sat there for a few minutes looking straight ahead and thinking I am OK. I know my head hit the roof. I turned the overhead lights on and tried to find my phone. I found my phone and called 411 and thought what am I doing that's not the right number. I then tried 911 but kept hitting a letter. I finally got it right and told them what had happened and where I was. She said they had been notified and help was on the way. I called Scott to let him know I was OK. He had called the Box Elder police and they said their had been multiple accidents. He then said he called the hospital and they said they were told their were multiple accidents and they were getting ready for it. I then called Jason.

You can't tell that the roof was caved in

A guy and his boy stopped and he said he was a retired firefighter and I couldn't’t get out of my car I rolled the window down and he asked if I was OK. Just a little in shock but I seemed to be OK. I crawled over to see if I could get out the passenger side. The snow was very icy and it was still raining. They asked if I had warm clothing. I found my ski coat but could only find one of my snow boots. It was then I notice the windows on both back side and the window in the back was out. The guys son started picking up things and handing them to me and I was putting them in some bag. When the police came he told them to go ahead. He asked if I was OK and said their were 5 accidents in the last few minutes between the two exits and that it had frozen suddenly. He asked for my insurance and registration. As I handed him my registration. An ambulance came. They made me come and sit in the ambulance and check me out. I was OK, they said they had 5 calls and got a 6Th while I was there. Another ambulance came by while I was inside. They gave me a bandage for a tiny glass cut on my finger and said since I was OK they were going on to check on another one. They walked me back to my car as the policeman was getting out of his car to hand me the paperwork. A truck went by and he said theirs the salt truck finally. He told me the wrecker had been called and what the guys name was and apologized that he couldn't stay with me as he had to go check on another accident. He told me to sit in my car. As I sat waiting for the wrecker I looked to the south and could see cars stopped and a police car and then farther down another police car. I looked to the north and I could see two police cars quite a distance apart.

Another car stopped to see if I was OK, I told him the police and ambulance had already been here and I was just waiting for the wrecker. I noticed a wrecker go by and thought maybe he didn't see me. So I waited who knows how long. The wrecker finally got there and he said he didn't see me and headed to the other one and it was a white SUV also, but they had not called it in. He had to go to the next exit and turn around and find me. He pulled my car on to the flat bed and picked up what stuff we could see. There had been a small box with Marshall's missionary letters and it was all over the side of the road and wet. I was so cold by now and my hair was drenched I took my scarf off around my neck and put it on my head. My ski coat was completely soaked through along with my pants. I sat in his truck while he finished picking up things. Jason and Avry had decided she was closer and since she had a Tahoe would come and get me and clean out my car. The policeman told me to tell her to come to the Riverside Exit but since she was aways a way the wrecker guy told me to have her come to Tremonton and meet at Denny's. Tremonton he said was only 5 miles away we had to wait for Avry for a few minutes and then she followed us over to their storage area. He got the car off the bed and Avry, Kaden and I started cleaning out my car. It was still raining but only 34 degrees at Tremonton and not icy. Things were a mess and lots of tiny glass in everything. Two of the tubs were completely broken. Avry was being funny as usual.

We got to her house and Justin and Kaden started hauling things in. We spread all the letters all over the floor to dry. I couldn't sleep so I spent most of the night drying the letters and rotating them.

Avry's family Room

Avry's living Room

Friday I went and got 4 new tubs for Tiffany and started the process of sorting and repacking and calling her and telling her what I had to throw out. Scott flew in at 1 and we decided to take the girls for birthday dinner at Red Lobster and head for home in the morning.

Sorting stuff from broken tubs in Avry's family room

I have thought and analyzed this episode in my life the last several days. There was no promptings like I have had in past experiences. I know my Heavenly Father could of prevented this from happening, but I also know that things happen for a reason. We may not know or understand for sometime. I know that I was protected. I had my seat belt on, I was alone, I was in the Yukon and not my smaller car and there were no other cars involved. What is more amazing is that I have no bruises, cuts and its been 3 days and I haven't developed any internal symptoms. It is interesting that I was never scared. It seemed more like a ride at an amusement park.

It has affected each of my children. From a call from Clint in Germany after reading about me on Geoff's facebook. He said he had a sense he had to talk to someone that day. To Tiffany sobbing on the phone apologizing for every mean thing she has said or did to me. To Geoff knowing he had told me he loved me just half an hour before to Avry being ok till she saw my car and me. From Jason's sincere love of checking up on me that night and the next day and would drive all the way to just give me a hug to Jeralee's wonderful humor of looking for a stunt driver for the next James Bond movie. She had me laughing so hard. And of course Scott for trying hard to find out how bad it was. I am so ever blessed for the family I have.