Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Positive Attitude

Really! It has been 4 years since I have even looked at this blog or written something. I guess no matter how little and how long it has been since I posted something its always good. New Year and new and exciting things to think about. Always good to go over and see how I can improve on things. This last year the the two things I strived to work on and still am striving is to be more positive and less negative and to focus on the good of each person. It is hard as even when you pass someone a not very nice thought comes into your mind. But the key is to push it out as fast as it came in. I remember awhile back as I was thinking about how to see something good in everyone. I was in Broulims and as I came around the end of an isle there was this very obese woman in one of the scooter carts. My first thought was oh how sad and wonder how she got this way and then I shifted gears she looked down and avoided me but something inside me said make eye contact. So as I deliberately walked slowly, she looked up at me and I gave her my best smile. The look on her face was one of shock and then came a beautiful smile from her as if to say someone really noticed me and not my size. I am grateful for the lesson I learned of "not judging a book by its cover". This was a daughter of God whom he loves. That day made me more aware of to smile to more people not knowing if I had made a difference in their day. I know how it makes me feel when someone I don't know smiles and says Hi to me.