Saturday, May 17, 2008


As I drive in my silver sporty Maxima, oh wait a minute maybe it was dads green ford pickup as I was getting flowers for my yard this last week and drove it two days.  There is something about driving a truck or the Yukon that you feel elevated in stature.   Or maybe its I feel a little safer in bigger vehicles, love my yukon for road trips.Ok where was I going with this. Oh yeah forgetfulness.  As I am driving I have so many thoughts and ideas come into my mind of what I could write or what would be worthy or unique to me for this blog.  But alas when I get home and think about it, I have forgotten.  I guess I was thinking of a discussion I had with one of my children this last week and they were telling me something and I acted surprised and they said "MOM I TOLD YOU IN JANUARY WITH DAD".   Ok, at that point my brain try's to rewind the video of my life and think ok where was I.   I try to search my memory,  and then I think I start to vaguely remember.   My children will say that I don't listen, but I think I listen I think I just forget.  There dad will attest to that.  It seems lately I will ask a question and he will say "Its the same answer when you asked last time"  Ok, so I forgot tell me again.  It absolutely makes me feel good when someone younger then me forgets something.I guess I have to attribute it to that this life of mine is going by so fast and there is so much I want to see, do and say.  One thing (of many) that drives Scott up a wall is not completing my sentences.   My brain goes faster then my mouth and everyone has to complete in their mind what I am trying to say.  Except Scott always stops me and makes me think and go slower.   My friends look at me like what are you trying to say.  When they get that deer in the headlight look I know that I am not making any sense to them.  So back up.  I did this in a meeting for Miss IF and I felt really stupid everyone was so confused as it didn't make sense.    So my advice to my self SLOW DOWN and think.   I even try after someone has told me something that they told me before I go over it in my mind several times to see if the computer chip in my mind will keep it there.    Oh what can I say, its the AGE.  NOT, thats just me.  Maybe I can google memor losss and find something to take. Ah ha, another blog what interesting things I have googles. 

Friday, May 9, 2008


Change happens all the time. Do you know where this picture was taken.
May 9 our beloved willow tree went under major surgery and like all surgeries now a day it was expensive. $575, but it was needed and even tho Geoff tried to tackle it when we were in Palm Springs it would of been bad if he had fallen. Especially since he was doing a SS lesson on Jacob 5 today in Sunday School on the olive tree and comparing it to our willow tree and how he was reaching out to saw a limb. A big truck with a bucket and 4 workers worked on it for about 2 hours. We still wanted some shade so they didn't top it. This tree has been through a lot. It started from a branch from Grandma and Grandpa Nielson's willow tree in Ririe (which is no longer there). We put it in a bucket of water till it rooted. It has been hit by lighting, split by a micro burst, last fall an early snow took down some big branches. Its been home to several birds, squirrls and our Owl Albert. It has had a swing, ropes grown into it, tree house, ladders, and platforms and aphids. It is the messiest tree around but has provided shade for our deck for the last several years. It would get a hair cut at least 3 times during the year. The tree house has to be torn down as it is not safe. I am sure each one of the kids could tell stories about that tree. It was raining when they were trimming it. Almost like it was crying "Why are you doing this to me" and yes it turned into snow. I would never recommend anyone to plant a weeping willow as they are a very messy tree.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I am a BLOGGER now!

I finally decided to hop on the band wagon. I thought if I was going to do this I needed to do it while Tiffany was still living with me and help me set this up. Yes I know I could of done it myself. It would of taken a few hours and maybe days and maybe weeks. But hey that is why I had six children.

I have had so many thoughts and funny things that I have wanted to share with my family and if you don't write them down they are soon forgotten and also my son in Iraq said he wanted to read a blog of mine. So here I am Clint. And So Many Thanks for Tiffany's help. I know I need to enjoy her while she is here as it won't be too long before they will be living far away. Here are good reason for having them living with us.

1. Tiffany cooks most of the evening meals and buys most of the groceries
2. Marshall has racked up most of the lawn and mowed it for the first time plus trimming shrubs
3. Living in the basement they heard the water running from our broken water line to the refrigerator. If they had not heard it we would of woke up 5 hours later to a worse disaster then what it was.
4. Have someone to talk to besides your spouse.
5. Watching the cute things your grandkids do.
6. Learning from them to be more laid back.

On that last note I have to tell you the experience we had last night. Tiffany had to go do mock interviews up to Rexburg at 7. She had planned to have hamburgers and store boughten potatoe salad for dinner. I told her at 6 I would go do it. I had the hamburgers done and got Chandler up to the counter top with his hamburger and potatoe salad and opened the refrigerator and proceed to pull out the condiments for the hamburger. I had to move the new gallon orange juice and put it on the counter next to Chandler. Got everything out and put it by the stove and turned around just in time to see Chandler pushing the gallon to the edge of the counter. I lunged forward to try and catch it and yep didn't make it. Splattered half of it all over the floor and walls and it was the kind with lots of pulp. I am thinking oh there's $2.50 down the drain. Tiffany comes in and very calmly says thats ok don't worry about it. I take Chandler into the dinning room to finish his dinner while I try to clean up. Tiffany has told me several times you need to sit with him in the dinning room. I am trying to clean up the orange juice and I go into check on Chandler. Now remember its be maybe 2 minutes. He has taken most of his potatoe salad and flipped with his spoon all around the room. So I sit down with him till his dad comes in and sits with him so I can finish cleaning up the orange juice and potato salad. I guess if I didn't have these fun episodes with Chandler I think my life would be totally boring.