Thursday, October 6, 2011

Summer 2011

The older I get the faster time seems to fly. Scott has told me to slow down you move to fast. Mostly because when I am trying to get things done I make big mistakes. I like driving my Tahoe but I have to be careful as it is big. It just barely fits in the garage and when I back out I go slow to make sure I don't bump the mirrors. There I was in a hurry and caught the passengers side mirror. It popped the mirror out an broke the little plastic that holds it in, $200. Then two weeks later I left the back hatch up, with the garage door open and got busy and then had to hurry to a hair appointment. Yep you guessed it. The garage just needed to be a few inches taller and then it wouldn't of tore off the back emblem and put two small dents. $1,000 for that repair.

In April I did another half marathon, Thanksgiving Point. Didn't realize it was a timed marathon and had to be done in 3 1/2 hours a 16 min. mile. It had snowed that morning so it was cool. It was around Thanksgiving Point and the golf course, up and down. Avry, Lia and Tiffany also did it. I did a 15 min mile. They had give aways and I won a night at the hampton $50 to the restaurant and $20 to Pollo Loco. Not bad for coming in towards the very end. I am still walking and have taken up Zumba. You would probably laugh just to see how bad I am, but I do get a good work out.

Made a trip over to Oregon in June to spend some time with Jeralee and girls, took a day trip out to the coast. Beautiful sunny day sitting on the beach, hiked up to Hacita Head Lighthouse and had the last tour of the day. Finished the day with clam chowder. Helped her with some yard work and watched a two day swim meet. The last day we sat huddled under an umbrella in the rain. We did get some RZR riding, but not as much as we would like. We did get to do 3 new trails, Continental Divide, Spring Mountain & Stoddard Creek. Found that we need to be careful when we go by ourselves.

Lewis Reunion at Lava Hot Spring, Family Reunion at Bear Lake with boating, beach, hiking, cave exploring, raspberry shakes, crafts, games, and lots of food. Hoogle Zoo, flat tire, Gardner Village, Hawaiian Birthday Party, Quilting Garden Party, Office Party, winning at AIA Golf Tournament, golfing at Huntsman Springs. Drive with Scott for work up to Havre, Butte, Deer Lodge, Great Falls, Corvalis, Montana. Tearfully moving Geoff and Cheryl up to Moscow, Idaho for both to get their Masters. But on the other hand excited for the new experiences they will have. A new flagstone path and House concert. To round off the summer Sun Valley, drive up to Stanley and golfing. Now to keep this up at least on a monthly basis.