Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year Junk Removal

There is something about the beginning of the new year. First trying to get your brain to write 2010 instead 2009. Realizing your not getting any younger. This last year I turned 60 in August and celebrated my 40 wedding anniversary in December. Those are some pretty big numbers. The years are zooming by.

With the new year its time to clean out the house and de junk. Each new year is a deciding factor of what stuff you haven't used in a long time and whether you will use it in the future. From clothing, to craft items, to general household items. I remember when I was first married and Scott said if you haven't used it in 3 months get rid of it. Well you can't do that with alot of seasonal things.

A few years ago I gave Avry all my tole painting, paints and cabinet that Scott had made me. Most of the paints were dried out and needed to be thrown out. Haven't missed them either. So this week I gave all my sucker molds and chocolate molds to my niece. I couldn't even begin to tell you the last time I used either one. Now do I get rid of the stamps? I did lend them out to the Merrie Miss for an activity this last year. How about the scrap booking stuff. I find it easier to put the pictures in albums and now I have all the recent ones on the computer.

I am even to the point I think about what my kids will think when I am dead and gone and they are going through everything and they are saying "Why on Earth did MOM keep this". As I remember going through Grandma's stuff after she died there really wasn't anything that I wanted really bad. I took very little of her stuff and I am finding I am slowly getting rid of some of it. I have officially given all of her yarn away now except 3 skeins I have kept to tie quilts with.

Well back to going through things and seeing what else I can get rid of.