Saturday, April 2, 2011

My kids

Grrrrrrrrrr! This is the third time that I have started this post. This is one of the many reasons why I do not update my blog. An hour later and things to do. I am so handicapped with technology, if it wasn't for my kids and Scott I would still be in the dark ages. I finally figured it out that I was in Edit Html instead of compose and I couldn't get it to do a copy paste. I always check my kids blogs through mine and think I need to update. Here it is April 2 and it has been since September. Yesterday was the first day that it really looked like Spring was coming, sunny, 65 and warm. Scott and I got in the yard last night for an hour to start the lawn cleaning. Today is overcast and in the 40's and 60% chance of rain.

4 of my 6 kids are in school. Jeralee is doing prerequisites for Nursing, Clint is working on his Bachelors of Music, Tiffany is in her second semester of Ultra Sound. Geoff is graduating next Saturday from BYUI with his Bachelors in Construction Management and his wife Cheryl with her Bachelors in Music Education. They both got accepted in to the masters program at University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho and will be heading up their in August. Jason and Avry have been busy working on their houses and work. Avry moved into her new home last fall and I am always excited to see what Jason has done on his home.

My kids have given me some of my greatest joys. I have always thought that their success is my success. I am truly grateful for the technology that we have so I can keep in touch. I would love to hear their voices but realize how busy they are. So thank goodness for facebook and their blogs and an occasional text.


Marshall said...

It's crazy to think how many of us are in school. Good to always be studying and furthering education. Hope you got lots of yard work done today, enjoy the nice weather. :)

tiff snedaker said...

PS, that last comment was me.