Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mid January

Each year when December comes around I look forward to getting all the friends and family news letter and photos. Its my once a year that I can see how everyone is doing. Love the orginality of some of the letters. Then there is me I say I am going to get a picture of Scott and I and do a recap of our year. When I start thinking of what exciting adventures I had. I can't remember them all and when I did them. So this year I have a plan. Just keep up on this blog.

My daughter Tiffany is my inspiration. I can't believe how she keeps up with her personal blog, her babes and kids blog and go to school with two active boys. This format seems so much easier to go back and check then writing in a journal. I still write in a journal. The goal is not so much daily but at least weekly. Here it is half way through January and I can say I have done good so far on some of the things I want to work on this year. But that is always how it goes. I just hope I can say that in March.

Last weekend we drove over to Jackson with Geoff & Cheryl. Since we have had no snow and the skiing is not good. We walked around had lunch at Billy's and then drove out to the elk refugee. We then drove on up to Jackson Lake and stopped a lot looking at the tetons. It was fun just to watch Geoff pointing out areas and naming peaks. Scott knows his peaks pretty good also. I guess I have never stood back and really looked at them from a distance on the Jackson side. We wish he had our bincoulars. I could see areas where I have hiked. I am just hoping I still have a few years left in me to hike. Geoff wants so much to go backpacking with us this summer. So we just need to get in shape. They left on Sunday to go back to Moscow.

This last week has been pretty quiet, waiting for it to snow.


tiff snedaker said...

I love seeing when you update! It's all about priorities, right? You make the time. I have to keep up with our blog because it is our family record. I don't keep a journal offline, so I need to be good about it online. I didn't know you went to Jackson with Geoff and Cheryl, sounds like it was fun. Love ya!

Avry said...

Jackson is always such a pretty place to go. You have always loved the outdoors and the mountains! :) It was fun coming up for Christmas